Happy New Year!

I have no idea what day it is, but the first Saturday must be happening soon. It’s been a year. And the first part of 2021 will look much like 2020, although through a lens of hope. We are still physically distanced. Still depending on books and other art to enrich our daily lives even more than perhaps they did in the past. I had the following conversation with a friend the other night:

Me: Alcohol now gives me hot flashes so I’ve stopped drinking it for the most part.

Friend: You could smoke weed.

Me: It’s the taste of alcohol I like, if I need an altered reality, I turn to books.

And books are a wonderful escape. The best ones remove me from my current place. I have looked up from a book set in winter, surprised to feel the 80 degree, humid day. I have looked up from a book set elsewhere and been surprised to see my own living room.

96 Hours by Georgia Beers was one that put me in a gymnasium in Gander so much so that I was shocked to find myself alone in my living room when I looked up from the book. The warmth and kindness and struggle for normalcy is a hope-filled counterpoint to the harshness we see in the news today.

Following Chance by Baxter Brown took me into Lauren and Kate’s small town. I felt the setting, the characters, the joys and sorrows and angst as Lauren and Kate reconnect. Brown is a new author to me and I am excited to read more of their books.

The entire Alsea series by Fletcher DeLancey takes me into the world of Alsea. Alsea Rising is no different. I literally find my muscles tensed and ready to run or jump in the high tension parts and melting and smiley in the romantic parts. A whirlwind of action and emotions.

Bet Against Me by Fiona Riley made me feel like I could go sell high end real estate. I was right there. Making deals, doing building walk-throughs. It’s probably no surprise I got some home reno actually completed after reading this book. I can’t wait for the next two!

Because I expect to be reading a billion or so books again in 2021, I am following Jae’s Sapphic Reading Challenge. If you have not yet heard of this, check out http://www.jae-fiction.com. I am shooting for Dragon Level. We shall see. I already know I will be reading at least 27 books- I got into a little disagreement on Twitter with a friend about “best scenes” Georgia Beers has written. So we are doing a full back catalogue re-read together in 2021. Just to be able to back up our assertions. Because arguing about books is way more fun than arguing about anything else.

Hoping that when I look up from my latest reading binge, we will have a new US administration committed to humans, vaccinations for everyone, and a happier, healthier country and world. Until then, I’m sticking my nose back in a book.


  1. I really look forward to the book challenge – thank you Jae. I already am on it. Aiming for Unicorn Dragon ::))


  2. 96 Hours is probably my favourite Georgia Beers book. If theatres ever open again and you haven’t seen the musical Come From Away I highly recommend it. I was rereading this book the next day. A couple of new ones for me to check out here – plus a reminder to visit Alsea. Happy New Year Ann, stay safe!


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