Ask the Pros by Angela Grace

Wife: Honey, do you realize how lucky we are right now? 

Me: Ahh … sure … um … exactly how are we lucky?

Wife: We are living through one the most extraordinary times in our country’s history. And it’s awesome or rather it’s going to be awesome in the near future.

Me: What are you talk’n about? Last week the US Capital was sieged by domestic enemies. They were going to kill our Congresswomen, hang our Vice-President. They broke into Pelosi’s office; those poor staffers hid under the table for two hours, were scared they would be killed.  These Trump Troopers murdered a police officer and hurt a bunch more. And they’re not done! They are going to storm our State capitals. They’re violent, angry and stupid. The worst possible combination of traits. How are we lucky? 

Wife: All true. And I agree with you completely. It was a violent assault on our country. But look at the bottomline here – Trump Will Be Gone! Finally, he is toast. Just today it is being reported that McConnell supports his removal. He will never, ever be able to crawl back into power. He took it too far. He overplayed his hand. He threatened the lives of the very people he needs to prop him up. The mob was going to kill them – most of the Senators and Congressmen aren’t going to just let this go. They will take this opportunity to get rid of him.

Me: But people died, that’s not lucky, that’s tragic.

Wife: Yes it is. And you know I’ve been crying and my heart goes out to their families and friends. But here’s how we are lucky.  The course of the country will be changed forever because of the lives that were lost. When someone dies, it makes it real. They can’t say it was just a party that got out of hand. They can’t erase it away. The deaths give it meaning, making the event impactful. People died, which raises the level of seriousness. Death means there must be an accounting, an investigation, and punishment. 

Me: Ok. That makes sense. But I’m not feeling lucky.

Wife: Oh honey, better days are coming. There’s a vaccine that works astonishingly well, which we can get in a couple of months. There will be honesty and sanity coming from the White House.  Biden is putting in people who really know what they’re doing. Soon, there will be stability in our country and in our lives. We can breathe now.  And…. Spring is in the air!

Me: Honey, we made need to have a talk about the polar vortex coming this weekend.