Time to Not Read

Have y’all been able to read lately? I sure know I haven’t. I’m a graduate with no full time job, and as such I have been home a lot lot lot. I’m more than certain that so have many of you, or at least that is my hope, getting sick is no joke and I’m glad that so many are taking the care to stay safe. Regardless, this means that I have more free time than I ever had in my entire life. Hours and hours I can use to read! Except head muscle is not cooperating. I have talked about this with a friend, and we’ve come to realize that there might be a good reason for it.

I have two degrees in English. The last five years of my schooling consisted of reading at least 2-3 books a week for classes, with on average 100 pages of weekly editing, and another handful of short stories and essays thrown in for me to read. I would go to class, use my three-hour daily commute to read as much as I could, then get home and read, and after finishing up with my school reading, I would pick up a book for pleasure and… that’s right, read. I read a lot. So why is it, that now with all of this time, the books make it as far as getting picked up, but more often than not, I can’t even make myself open the pages.

Well, here’s the thing. When my schedule was cuckoo bonkers busy, reading for fun allowed me to decompress after all the schoolwork. It let my thoughts calm, gave me a respite from rushing, let me rest. Now, with all the rest in the world, my body can’t seem to settle down. There needs to be constant input that emulates busyness, action. There’s a phone in my hand and a laptop in the other 90% of the time. I’m chatting with a million discord groups at any given moment. My DnD sessions increased from one every to weeks, to three different campaigns a week (I actually cut down and left one because it was starting to take an emotional toll on me). I even started playing an MMO, I have never played those cause of the massive time sink.

So yes, I have the time, but reading has become difficult, because there’s nothing I need to decompress from other than all of the decompressing. How are y’all doing with reading?


  1. Luckily I am still working full time and it is crazy busy at the moment. So I read do decompress. I have lots of fun at the moment with Jae’s Sapphic Reading Challenge. I did some research to cover all the bases – 60 categories including the Unicorn level. That is a lot of fun and gives me another challenge away from the craziness of the pandemic.
    If you want to play with the Sapphic Reading Challenge:

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  2. I’m having to make a real conscious effort to read. I’m still working full time, but now I’m working from home I don’t have my 50-minutes-each-way commute for reading (and writing!) in. That ought to mean that I have more time in the evenings, but in practice it doesn’t seem to make much difference.

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