Ask the Pros by Angela Grace

Last week, after a stressful several weeks filled with long work hours and many responsibilities, my wife wrote me a letter.  I love it!  She knows me. She watches me. She understands me.  I’m posting the letter because, I suspect, you may want to reflect on your relationships this Valentine’s Day and perhaps jot those you love a note, too.

Valentine Love Letter To My Wife:

Dear, Sweet Woman of My Dreams …

You are the Love of my life. I love you deeply, madly, passionately and always will. For all these years, you have brought me great joy and I’m so grateful to have you as my life partner, my wife.  Even though we have had some hard times in our life with the passing of loved ones, with financial uncertainty and now with this pandemic, our love seems to grow every day.  Of this, there is no doubt.

It’s been awhile now that I’ve noticed you seem … weary … maybe or just a little sharper than your usual kind, easy going self. I wonder if the isolation it getting to you, my usually happy social extrovert. Or is there more pressure on you because for right now you are our sole provider or worry about getting sick or the unknown future. It’s the  same weariness I’ve seen a few times over the years when we needed to take a break. Before, our solution was to take a vacation, see something new and change our brain chemistry. But now, those coping strategies are not easily or safely available to us.  

I noticed the change in you and then wondered if there has been a change in me as I realized it had been a couple of days since I last showered.  My hair looks like a crazy, mad scientist! Same sweat pants and frumpy shirt. What is that about? (Sorry Honey) Somehow, this past year has changed me too. I can’t remember the last time we went out to a sit down dinner without a care in the world. Remember going to movies? We saw “Carol” too many times to count with tons of popcorn. We would take fun day trips, visit people, go to events, see concerts or just drive the beautiful coastline. It’s not just that we miss doing those things, which we do, it’s that not doing those things has somehow dampen our spirit. 

So, my Love, I will do my best to up my game. I will hit the shower. The pandemic will be under control in a couple of months. Although, like the 1930’s Depression Babies, we, all of us, will not forget this past year and it will have an impact us for the rest of our lives. What I promise to try to do, is learn, reflect on our lives and move us forward, to rejuvenate our spirit. I’ll try to create new coping strategies, new ways to refresh our weary hearts and minds. It’s time to plan and believe the future is an exciting adventure ahead for us. We will get through this. 

I Love You Honey …