Pandemic (book) Baby!

This morning, I was ThisClose to finishing up my post for the day when I realized that today is the official cover release for my book that’s coming out this summer. So, I got excited and threw away the whole post I made about all the recipes I’ve been trying during this pandemic – including a truly heinous tiramisu that should never have come into being. More on that next month.

Today, I’m excited to announce my latest baby, House of Agnes, coming out in June. This was a true pandemic labor of love turned stress turned love again. The characters came to me in November of 2019 while I was in Florida contemplating my coming move to Spain. The women, Agnes and Lola, were so very vivid in my mind that I couldn’t wait to rush to my desk every day and wait, with my fingers hovering above the keyboard, for them to tell me about their lives.

Then came the move to Spain and then, two months later, the pandemic. Everything slowed down, including my writing. All during last year, I’d heard tales of other writers churning out brilliant book after book while also knitting blankets for their friends’ pandemic babies. That wasn’t me at all. I feel like I spent a lot of 2020 being a drooling, incoherent mess on the couch. Basically, the only thing that saved that year was the positive outcome of the presidential election.

Despite the molasses-in-winter pace of my writing and editing last year, I finally finished House of Agnes. A lot of that success was thanks to my editor, Lee Winter, quite honestly. She was a rock-star during the last months and Agnes would have absolutely been a different book without her.

So, now, here she is!

A lesbian romance filled with intrigue and sizzling sexual tension as enemies discover that the other side of hatred…is desire.

Agnes Noble is the Queen. Untouchable, private, mysterious. She rules The House of Agnes, the most exclusive escort agency on the East Coast, with a diamond fist. Crossing her is a mistake no one makes twice.

Investigative reporter Lola Osbourne is not afraid. She’s gunning for the House and its so-called queen. She’ll make sure no other innocent gets dragged into Agnes’s alluring web, to be used and discarded the way Lola’s sister was.

But her plan to get close to the elusive madam shatters the moment her eyes meet the Queen’s. One look and everything’s different. More complicated. Dangerous.

Now, Lola’s not just fighting to topple a queen from her throne, she’s also scrambling to escape their explosive collision with her suddenly vulnerable heart intact.

House of Agnes officially arrives June 16, 2021 in the Ylva shop, and will be available at other online retailers and in bookstores two weeks later. I hope you’re as excited as I am.


  1. Sounds exciting and wonderful. I too, wrote books in 2020. Three actually. Not because I’m all that good or prolific, but because I self-imposed my engagement into some lovely fiction and stayed the hell out of reality as much as possible. 2 50Ks and a finished 100k later…I’m in deep edits 2021 and hope to put something out for submission by March.
    Lets just agree the year was hella-bad.
    Glad you finished.


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