Ask the Pros by Angela Grace

Our niece wrote recently about her upcoming job change. Her current job is being eliminated and she asked our suggestions about a new career. Sometimes, we are overly practical and yet, sometimes being practical is a good thing. With her job change, I wondered who else may be going through a job transition. Maybe you? Here is the response to our talented, really smart, could be more practical niece. What do you think?

The only real advise I have is to do the type of work that you enjoy doing.  By “type” I mean what you physically and mentally like to do. For example:

 – If you like to be outside in the elements, do the type of work where you spend most of your time outside.  

– Work alone verse work as a team.  

– Work standing up or moving verses sitting for hours. 

– Be a leader verses be a follower.  

– Talk with people verses paperwork.  

– Tedious details verse big picture. 

– Farmer working with fresh air & dirt verses keeping clean.  

– Physically touching people verses keeping big boundaries. 

– Being close enough to disheveled people to smell their breath verses keeping distance from gingivitis. 

– Fame, stardom, celebrity verses anonymity. 

– Reading for hours a day verses writing for hours a day. 

– Having a boss & taking orders verses being independent and free to doing as you believe is best.  

– Checking into work by punching in a time clock verses setting your own hours. 

After I finished the list of job preference considerations, I realized I have the perfect job for me for the time. My wife and I are transitioning into retirement and will be building a business together…one that we have dreamed about for several years.

How about you? Are you satisfied with your job/career if you are currently working? Are you at a place where you can consider finding work that better meets your needs? Are there times, frequently, when you laugh and truly enjoy what you do?

With the transitions from the year of Covid, thinking about change (of any kind) may not sound very appealing. That said, even if you are not looking for a career change, it is typically good to engage the imagination, to wonder, to be curious about new and interesting things.

So? What would you be interested in imagining that would be good, healthy and interesting?

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  1. Just wanted to point out that the word verses that you used frequently above should be spelled versus. It was too distracting for me to concentrate on what you were trying to say. But I appreciate the topic and the thoughts.


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