Still the end of the world, bro

The inauguration happened. Everyone is getting carpet bombed by vaccines (except me because I’m in the last possible group. Damn my youth and health). We have a whole bunch of women and people of color and a gay dude in the cabinet.

And a record number of states have introduced bills targeting trans children. Not just trans people. Children. These motherfuckers were like hey, we can kill trans adults all willy-nilly and claim trans panic or whatever, but what if we could kill them when they’re young? Sixteen states have introduced bills criminalizing medical care of trans children. Twenty-four states have introduced bills targeting trans girls in sports.

If that wasn’t bad enough, Jackson, Mississippi hasn’t had clean water in almost a month. Arkansas outlawed abortion. Florida’s governor is basically selling vaccines to the highest bidder and the governor of Texas decided the pandemic is over. This shit is bonkers.

But nice white ladies and centrists are so focused on having an adult in the White House and the inspiringly diverse cabinet that they aren’t really paying attention to the fact that Republicans are trying to kill children. And poor people. And people of color. And disabled people. This isn’t new, really. Republicans are always trying to kill vulnerable people. The last four years were bad, but at least most people acknowledged they were bad. In the space of a breath we went from “the sky is falling!” to funny Bernie memes. And listen, I loved the Bernie memes, but they didn’t prevent me from thinking about the kyriarchical madness that threatens my life and the lives of people I love and also the lives of people I don’t know or love who still deserve to not die at the hands of a corrupt government.

What I’m realizing (what I’ve known all along and am finally admitting) is that most of the people who were horrified by Trump weren’t actually all that worked up about his racism and sexism. They weren’t concerned about him being a rapist. They didn’t mind his hypocrisy. They didn’t even care that he pissed all over American democracy. They cared that he was uncouth. He had the audacity to say the racist things without the dog whistles (but he brought the dog whistles too). He talked about assaulting women and fucking his daughter. He owned his lies. And he did it all with bad grammar. If he had just done his genocide all polite the way Reagan did, it would have been fine. If he had Woodrow Wilson’s finesse with racism, it would have been grand. If he’d been handsome like JFK or bold like LBJ or civil like George HW, they would have overlooked it all.

So, yeah, I’m glad Deb Haaland is Secretary of the Interior, but maybe we could also focus on making sure people aren’t victimized and tortured and abused? Just an idea.


  1. Sigh…Those of us who are older will get the vaccine sooner, but have just seen the wheel turn a few more times. Same thing, different people.


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