Q&A with author Emersyn Grey!

Hi, friends! We are joined for a Q&A with a fab author today! Emersyn Grey will now tell you all kinds of things! Take it away, Emersyn!

Introduce yourself to the rest of the class. Who are you and what makes you tick?

Hi! My name is Emersyn Grey. I’m a lesfic author who just released my debut novel. I live in the Midwest with my wife and our three dogs. Most days I work in web design, but my free time is spent photographing nature and spending time with my family. I’ve recently gotten back into writing and am looking forward to the stories that are yet to come. Back when we could all leave the house and do stuff, my wife and I went to as many concerts as we could. Live music is a wonderful thing.

What does it mean to you to be an author? What makes a writer a writer?

I’ve always wanted to tell stories, so releasing my first book has been incredibly exciting. For a while, I was writing short stories, and I didn’t consider myself a writer. Then I realized how many stories were in my head waiting to be told and how committed I was to telling them. When I started writing more nights than not, I realized I was a writer. At that point I just embraced it! I think being an author, even part time, has opened up my creative side and allowed me to tell the stories of characters who might not otherwise be told. I may not do it as much as others do, but it’s still an amazing thing to get to share with the world. As for what makes a writer a writer… I think you just have to write! That’s kind of all you need to get started. There’s a lot that comes to you later, but I think you just have to enjoy letting your stories be told.

Are you promoting a specific book? Tell us about it. Include the book blurb if you’d like.

Yes, I am! My first book, Hot For Teacher, was released at the end of February. It’s a steamy but sweet romance about Riley Stephens, a professor whose life is impacted by an outing to what she thinks is a strip club. When she meets a beautiful blonde Mistress named Lakin, Riley’s immediately taken by her. She thinks it will be a one time visit, but Lakin reappears where Riley least expects it. The two must navigate their growing feelings amidst their busy lives in hopes of finding true love. It’s got some real steam to it at times, but it’s a love story at heart. I had a great time writing it, and I hope the readers enjoy it as well!

Tell us about your biggest guilty pleasure. For example, do you sit naked in your pantry in the middle of the night and eat Nutella with your fingers?

I’ve got a hell of a sweet tooth. Cookies, chocolate, sour candy… That’s my guilty pleasure. I know I shouldn’t have them, but they’re just so yummy! That’s pretty much the best way to bribe me if you need something, especially tech support, and my family knows this!

Tell us one thing that you’re passionate about. For example, would you strap yourself to an oil rigging a la Lucy Lawless with a Greenpeace sign in your hands?

I am passionate about putting kindness into the world. That’s a lesson I reinforce with my niece and nephew whenever possible. I try to always put kindness into the world whenever possible, whether it’s opening someone’s door, paying for their coffee, or just asking someone how their day is and actually listening. It costs nothing for people to be kind to one another, and it would make such a huge difference in the world if more people could do it.

What’s your writing process? That is, do you have a particular place you write and/or time of day? Do you have any particular things you do before you write? (e.g. do you listen to music, drink coffee, take dance breaks…)

That’s kind of hard. I don’t always have a set process, but there are some things that are consistent. I make notes in my phone about story ideas all the time. I have so many little tiny thoughts that could someday be a story or a scene or maybe nothing at all. When I get down to actually writing, I usually have some music playing and try to set up in my office alone. Sometimes I wear headphones so the real world is shut out and I can focus completely on the world I’m becoming immersed in. Sometimes this works and sometimes it doesn’t. But that tends to be when I can do my best writing.

Tell us something that most people don’t know about you (unless you’d have to kill us, in which case tell us something that some people don’t know).

I jumped out of an airplane for my wife. She had always wanted to go skydiving, and she didn’t have anyone to go with her. I had never once in my entire life wanted to jump out of a plane, but I wanted to share that experience with her. It was an absolutely incredible feeling that I am perfectly happy with only having once. But it was worth it to see the smile on her face. That picture will forever be front and center on my desk.

Is there a book by another author that you wish you had written?

Honestly, no. I think every author brings their own authentic voice to the story. I’ve read some incredible books, but I know that I couldn’t have added anything that the original author didn’t already do better. I become inspired by books I read to create better stories that someone can later read with my voice behind it.

I do really enjoy the horror/thriller genre, so sometimes I wish I could adapt the story to include some queer representation. That is a genre I haven’t been able to find a lot of in the lesfic world. One of these days I’m going to flesh out the idea that’s been in my head for a while now.

If time and money were no problem, where would you most like to go in the world?

I would love to visit Europe for like a month. There are so many things that I would love to visit there, from touristy sights to just experiencing life there. I’d have some authentic Italian food, check out the Louvre, and see the Irish countryside. There is so much history in that part of the world that I would enjoy seeing up close and personal.

And finally, what sorts of writing (or other!) projects are next for you?

I’m working on a story that’s been in my head for a while now but just hasn’t presented itself clearly enough. I’m finally putting some shape to it. This one will have a little more angst and drama, but it’s a love story when you get down to it. I’m a romantic at heart, so that’s what I hope to share with my readers.

AWESOME! Thanks for stopping by, Emersyn!


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