Shit-Kickin’ Sistahs

In 2009, when I first signed with Bold Strokes Books, I knew nothing of publishing, nothing about lesfic, nothing about maintaining an online author presence. I’d written The Middle of Somewhere, was impressed with myself for having done so, and assumed I’d figure out the rest later. (I know, I know. So naïve!) After the BSB announcement of my debut novel, I received a bunch of welcoming emails from other writers. Sounds like a great book! Welcome to the team! For reasons I don’t remember, I latched onto Jove Belle, whose novel (which I love), Edge of Darknesshad just come out with BSB. I pummeled her with questions. How do I set up a MySpace? What’s Twitter? How do I insert a photo into a blog? Oh, there were so many questions! And she never once said, “Holy shit, woman. Back the fuck off!” No, she was kind, patient, and even invited me to be a participant on her new Blog Site Women and Words. Though we’ve never met in person, I consider her to be one of my angels and a bone a fide shit-kickin’ sistah. 

As for the other bone a fide shit-kicker, the fabulous Andi Marquette, I’ve actually met her in person—on a mountain top in Colorado. I’m not kidding. I was there to record the audiobook of The Middle of Somewhere with Dog Ear Audio. (Speaking of shit-kickin’ sistahs: Karen Wolfer. Just sayin’) Recording that audiobook is one of the highlights of my life. Dog Ear Audio is located in the wild and woolly town of Guffey, Colorado (pictured above) some 8000+ feet above sea level, and runs exclusively on solar power. I got to see my first earth ship ever, and my first fire-fueled hot tub. I’m not quite sure where Andi lives in relationship to Guffey (I was too caught up with the newness of everything to retain every detail, and was a bit spacey from oxygen deprivation), but I believe it’s some other mountain top there in beautiful Colorado. I picture her splitting logs with one hand and typing out novels with the other. Regardless, she made the trek over to meet me, which was so awesome and made me feel even more like a super star. Andi, it seems to me, is one of those rare people who goes out of her way to help other people, to create community. She’s a damn good writer too! I love her New Mexico books

If you want to learn more about these two dynamos check out Dirt Roads Books.  There’s some great reading there. Check out Jove’s Bitterroot Queen and Andi’s Friends in High Places.

So that’s it for today. Giving kudos where kudos are due. Long live these two shit kickers!

And as always, live the love, especially during these rough times. It’s all we’ve got.

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