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I’m just going to say it, being an environmentalist is sexy!! Proof you ask? One name: Lucy Lawless. I love that a well known Hollywood star is putting her power behind something that impacts us all. Will impact us all. Is impacting us all. Because if you think about it, it’s really tough for someone who depends on traveling to locations to say- “hey environment over travel”. What do I mean by that? Well if we look at all the various topics and causes that famous people such as athletes and actors support, very few of them seem to make a big push for the environment. If the root of the climate control issues is the burning of fossil fuels, well, those individuals are kind of dependent on that source of energy for their work. They need airplanes to travel from sports arena to sports arena or from set location to set location. If they push for climate control action, wouldn’t they look like hypocrites if they turned around and got into a vehicle of transportation that is considered one of the biggest violators of fossil fuel burning- an airplane? Taking that into account, how sexy is Lucy Lawless now? Amazingly sexy! More proof you ask? Ok, how about some phenomenal characters is LesFic stories who are super hot environmentalists.

Anyone But You by [KG MacGregor]

Let’s start off with KG MacGregors Anyone But You that has a huge spark right from the start when an oil pipeline bursts polluting a lake in Minnesota. Two very different individuals respond to this catastrophe. One is the oil company’s corporate communications director and the other is the head of the clean energy action network. How can two individuals be more different professionally? In addition to having such a powerful subject and having it be relevant to the occurrences that are marring our lands and oceans regularly today, it also provides an amazing look at how two individuals on such drastically different ends of the concept can listen to each other. The characters are wonderful, the story is amazing and like all of KG MacGregor’s stories it is hard to put down once it is started.

All at Sea by [Cheyenne Blue]

Showing up to make a stand is what Kaz Malone does at the drop of a hat in Cheyenne Blue’s All at Sea. Using her yacht to run interference of large companies trying to use the oceans as a dumping ground for waste. Her dedication to making a difference for the world she lives in and for those who come behind is all part of the sexy factor of this character. Introduce Stevie, an accidental stowaway, and the story becomes even more mesmerizing with how Kaz has made a difference with what she does and how she has become part of a community to accomplish it. Like Stevie, I was completely taken by Kaz and her super sexy environmentalist ways! My only caution for reading this story is that you will most likely want to find a way to get on a yacht and sail into a protest! It is incredibly motivating as well as such a sweet romance. Thank you Cheyenne Blue for using this topic!

The Duchess and the Dreamer by [Jenny Frame]

A different approach to environmentalist actions is with Jenny Frames, The Duchess and the Dreamer which introduces us to Evan Fox who, “has a dream that could change the world and save the planet” as she works alongside Duchess of Rosebrook, Clementine Fitzroy. It really is a wonderful dream, and one that I can wholly imagine as a part of our future. Start small with one community, (your community) and find ways to be sustainable. Offer ideas and solutions that can be implemented to decrease the carbon impact of one community and then start spreading that outward. I absolutely loved when Evan offered up the idea of wind energy as I live in an area that utilizes this source for much of the year. Reading this story was so motivating and started my mind churning on ways I could start changing my community.

So what are some ways to make a difference in your community? Here is one way that I found. Look for community composting or ask your rubish collection service to start composting with lawn waste. It may not happen the moment you make the phone call, but it does start the wheels turning in the community. And why am I focusing on composting? Food waste takes up more space in US landfills than anything else. And it can be recycled into amazing soil with just a little assistance. So instead of filling landfills, a composting program can actually decrease greenhouse emissions from food decomposing in landfills and give back to the environment by providing soil that can be used for planting fruits, vegetables and trees! Check out this HERE for composting for beginners.

So all you amazing LesFic readers who are your favorite sexy environmentalists out there? I would love to read about some more eco-warriors and let our authors know that this subject along with other wonderful ways to be eco friendly are in demand! Share with me your thoughts on some of those LesFic characters!

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  1. We have 6 dogs and found a wonderful device that allows us to “flush” the poop instead of putting it in bags and to the land fill. It is a shoot or funnel that attaches to the outside connection to the plumbing so the poop is treated just like people poop. I can’t remember what it is called but my son found it online. After the dog door, it’s the best thing I have owned for my furry babies!


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