Thoughts on the Verdict, by Gaile Brown

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Women and Words reader Gaile Brown offers her thoughts on the verdict in the Chauvin trial. Former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin was found guilty on all counts for murdering George Floyd last year. The Department of Justice just opened an investigation into the Minneapolis Police Department.

And now, we’ll turn it over to Gaile. Thank you so much, Gaile, for your words.


It’s sad that we are experiencing the same anticipation and anxiety that people (mostly black folks then too in the sixties) were feeling when they were awaiting results of this type of trial; the kind where a white man in authority can so casually bring death to a black person.

It seems that some of us have made giant steps in this country, but for the most part, the majority of our steps are like those of a snail. Even if the verdict is the right one, we have so much more justice to anticipate. So much anticipation. Too much.

Our voices for justice and change have been villianized in this country, and put on display as seditious, but for how long must we sit back, and continue to accept the whip as a gracious handout? How long?

How many of us have gone before in a tireless effort to get justice for the basic right to live as human beings in this country, only to die waiting for the next generation, and the next?

We have no country of origin but this one, and yet, we are ghosts, hoping to be seen. We have been fearlessly haunting these sharp and rigid borders that have cut our umbilical cords, figuratively and physically. How many of us can recall our family histories beyond 1865?

I can’t. Even my Native history and certification has been taken away because my family is not on a roll that was created for exclusion, and I have no papers to prove otherwise.
We can only put our foot down squarely and firmly on this land to demand justice, freedom, and a future, where we are not constantly battling for the right to live in peace.

Rest in peace should not be our only epitaph.

Gaile T. Brown is a contract Applications Developer/Analyst. When she’s able, she loves to travel and make connections. Since 2015 — not including the pandemic years — she’s volunteered as a Roadie and supported cyclists in the San Francisco to Los Angeles ride with AIDS/LifeCycle. Recently, she’s delved into reading and listening to lesfic and most WLW fiction. Supporting tech, media, literary, and visual artists through crowdfunding and volunteering is one of her passions. Gaile currently lived in South Carolina but originally hails from the South Bronx.

Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash

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