With deep appreciation and gratitude we say thank you to Jove Belle and Andi Marquette.

Ask the Pros began with a nod from Jove to create a monthly blog that offered encouragement for mental and physical wellness. My wife and I have enjoyed writing for you! We have touched on topics from meditation and exercise, to weathering the former administration and developing pandemic stamina during 2020.

We invited you into our personal conversations about life circumstances that were real for us and encouraged you to add to our learning and experiences. We are grateful for your thoughtful responses.

Thank you! Thank you for reading Ask the Pros by Angela Grace. Thank you for your involvement by “liking” the blog and writing comments.

Thank you for supporting Women and Words since its inception. Women and Words has cemented its place in history by bringing together women writers in one place to do what we love, write for you.

Later this month, we will post one final blog describing our new adventure and it is my hope that you will join us as we forge forward with two new YouTube Channels.

Looking forward to interacting with you again, soon!

Angela Grace.

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  1. Thanks, Angela! Thanks so much for blogging with us and supporting us and providing love and support and community to our readers. Looking forward to your new adventures!


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