Endings and (Potential) Beginnings

I started blogging for Women and Words in 2012. This place has been part of my life for almost a decade, so obviously I’m sorry to see it go on hiatus. I’ve met some great people, learned about many different places and events, and hopefully brought a little inspiration and enjoyment to others.

In the early years of my time on the blog, I lived on the south coast of England, in the bottom bit of Hampshire. Then, a change of day-job brought me back up north to West Yorkshire, an hour’s drive across country from my parents and the village where I grew up.

Through it all, I’ve been accompanied by my cats, and never usually that far from my ponies, not to mention my cars. It’s been a wild ride and I’m going to miss the inevitable rush to get my monthly post ready on Sunday night to go live on the third Monday of the month.

So what’s next? I’ll still be reviewing for The Good, The Bad, & The Unread, and on Good Reads, and I’ll still be planning new fiction, even if none of it’s made it out into the world recently. I‘ll still be having adventures with my camera, and I may revive my website as a home for the best of the photos. I’ll be going to conventions and writers’ meets when we can all get together in person again, and I may pop up occasionally on Twitter and Instagram.

I’ve loved my time here, and I’m incredibly grateful to And and Jove for keeping it all together as long as they have. Hope to see some of you elsewhere online and in real life. Good luck and happy adventuring!


  1. Stevie, please know how much your posts have meant to me. When I first discovered them, my sister was living in England. She worked in London and lived in Toseland, a little spot on the map in Cambridgeshire. She is my only sister, and as supportive of her as I was, I missed her very much. I began to absorb all the information about the U.K. that flashed before my eyes. I suppose I felt it brought me closer to her. At any rate, I looked forward to reading your posts each month. Thank you for introducing me to new places and for helping me feel closer to my sister. Your articles have been brilliant, indeed!

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    • Thank you for that lovely feedback. I definitely remember passing signs for Toseland on a regular basis back when I lived in East Anglia. I hope you get to see more of your sister these days.


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