Why is it so hard…?

The other day I did a full hour of yoga—on my own. And I felt great afterwards! My hips felt loose, my shoulders unknotted, my brain less busy. So why why why don’t I do this more often is the obvious question. Back in the day when I could go to in-person classes, I kept myself on track that way. I mean, I did the occasional home practice, but I let the class be my motivator. 

It’s the same with this Women and Words blog. I committed to the third Wednesday of the month, and I followed through because I’d essentially promised Jove and Andi that I would, and I take my promises to other people seriously. As for the promises I make to myself… that’s another story. And now Jove and Andi are stepping back, which I totally get. Making this blog happen has to be so much work. They have their own publishing company too, Dirt Road Books. But as for me, will I ever blog again?

I do often repost the blogs I write here on my own website, and I have subscribers. So if you’re curious what I’m up to, you are welcome to join my small but enthusiastic group of readers. But no guarantees there will be too many entries. I mean, no one is counting on me to do it. I guess I could commit to you here, that I will continue to write on the third Wednesday of the Month, on my own site. The problem is you’re kind of abstract in my mind, and continue to be—unless you comment on my blog, or happen to run into me and mention it. Then you shine like a comet in the great dark sky of the internet! And I get such satisfaction from this small interaction. So why is it so hard to do things for myself that I know will make me happy? Or be good for me? Why? And is it just me that struggles with this? Say it isn’t so! Let me know that you’ve struggled with this too. Maybe it will encourage me to keep on blogging. 

In the meantime, a hearty THANK YOU to the dynamic duo, Jove and Andi, who for sure make this world a better place. Enjoy your time off. We’ll be looking for what you come up with next. And as for you, reader, I hope we meet again!

That’s it for today. Remember to Live the Love! It matters!