T-Shirt Order Form

We’ve been talking forever about adding some SWAG to the menu here at Women and Words. Sure, have bookmarks, but we wanted something more. Something so fabulous that the world would be a better place for it. And now we’ve gone and done it.

Yes! Women and Words T-Shirts are now available! Hold on to your socks (Ooh, maybe we should do socks next…)! Here are the details:

Because we’re all about supporting the community, all the profits from T-shirt sales (or any other SWAG we may add in the future) will be donated to a designated charity/not-for-profit organization. Since it’s that time of year, the first place we chose to support is Golden Crown Literary Society (GCLS). They do all kinds of good stuff there, so if you’re not familiar with the organization, go check it out.

Designs are printed on white, unisex T-shirts.

When Jessie receives the order, she will send a confirmation email and an invoice from PayPal that you can pay via credit/debit card. If you DON’T receive a confirmation email within three-ish days, shoot Jessie an email at jchandlerauthor at gmail dot com. Strange things happen in the ether around Jessie’s house, so it’s always good to double check, and she never minds a follow-up!

Prices: $18, plus shipping (payable through PayPal to nolimitsprint at aol dot com OR by check or money order):

      • One shirt $3.50
      • Two shirts $5.00
      • Three shirts $7.50
      • Four shirts $11.50
      • International shipping $16 per shirt

If you’d rather pay with a check or money order, email Jessie at the author address above, and she’ll help work that out. Once payment is made in whatever form, she will ship the shirt via USPS directly into your hot little hands.

New design!


Design #1 – Basic Logo
Design #2 – write here, write now
Design #3 – powers for good
Design #4 – AWESOME^2


  1. Would glady buy a t-shirt, really like the design, but don’t wear white T-shirts. If they were in any other color (well not pink lol).


    • Sharon, go ahead and fill out the order form and put the request for a different color in the special directions section. Jessie always sends out a confirmation email prior to completing any order, so it’s okay to use the form to pose a question to her.


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